Sheila Kosgei


Jane Korir


Jackline Mitei


Cynthia Cheptorut




Sofia Cherop

Founder/ Executive Director

Sofia is an indigenous woman, a feminist, passionate women human rights defender and grassroots development practitioner for more than 10 years advancing women and girls rights among indigenous communities, at policy development, governance and humanitarian response in Kenya.

Hellen Chebet

Senior Programs Officer

Hellen Chebet is a seasoned program manager with a strong background in community development. She is highly skilled in planning, coordinating, and implementing social impact projects that address the needs of indigenous communities. Hellen’s passion lies in empowering marginalized groups, especially women, through innovative and sustainable programs. She has a wealth of experience in managing large-scale initiatives and leveraging partnerships to drive social change and a whole track record of success.

Dority Karwitha

Finance and Accounting Officer

Dority is our experienced program accountant . She brings her expertise in developing and maintaining project budgets, tracking project expenses and ensuring they are within budget reviewing and analyzing financial reports and making recommendations to project managers monitoring cash flows and managing project funding, preparing financial statements and reports for stakeholders liaising with auditors and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with accounting standard.

Zipporah Chepkemei

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Zipporah demonstrates a diligent work ethic in monitoring and evaluation, meticulously observing progress, assessing outcomes, and adapting strategies as needed. Her commitment ensures accurate data collection and meaningful analysis, ultimately leading to informed decision-making and improved outcomes.


Geofrey Kipchumba

Program Officer

Geofrey Kipchumba  is a highly skilled program officer with extensive experience in project management and implementation. He is adept at designing and executing programs that address complex social issues, working closely with community stakeholders to ensure programs are tailored to local needs. He is passionate about using evidence-based approaches to drive positive change and is committed to promoting equity and social justice.

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Daveson Kiprop

Corporate Communication Officer

Daveson is an accomplished communication officer with a strong focus on storytelling, He creates and compiles narratives that engage audiences and drive impact. He also manages our social media channels and develops creative campaigns that raise awareness and inspire action. He has a deep understanding of the communication landscape and how to leverage it and is committed to using his skills to amplify the voices of those who are often marginalized and overlooked.

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