Digital Empowerment of Rural Women and Girls (DERWG)

In the charming rural community of Kamwosor, KWT did an awareness and mobilization event that aimed to bridge the digital divide and empower its residents through digital literacy. The function, hosted by the local community Church ACK , brought together participants eager to embrace the opportunities offered by digital tools. This worthwhile project was sponsored by our sister organization the Jumuiya Women Fund and undertaken by KWT.

Recognizing the challenges faced by rural areas, the function began by addressing the limited infrastructure and access to technology. The event focused on imparting basic digital skills to the attendees. Patient and dedicated program officers from KWT guided participants through navigating menus, using touchscreens, sending messages, and connecting to Wi-Fi networks. Through interactive demonstrations and step-by-step instructions, the participants gained confidence in utilizing these digital tools effectively.
The function acknowledged the unique challenges faced by rural communities, including language barriers, varying levels of literacy, and cultural norms. To address these hurdles, the organizers ensured that instructions and materials were provided in multiple languages and accommodated different literacy levels. Visual aids and interactive activities allowed participants to grasp the concepts effectively, regardless of their background or experience.

Recognizing that a one-time event may not be sufficient, the function incorporated plans for sustainable support. Follow-up sessions, online resources, and mentoring opportunities were offered to ensure participants’ continued growth in digital literacy. The community center committed to providing ongoing support, empowering individuals to build on their newfound skills and explore advanced digital tools in the future.
The event marked a significant step towards bridging the digital divide and empowering rural communities through technology. As the participants left the function with newfound knowledge and determination, the impact of this inspiring event would continue to resonate for years to come, opening doors to economic empowerment, educational opportunities, and a brighter future for all.

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